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CBstat: Method Evaluation and Comparison

Method evaluation:

Detection limit (incl. CLSI EP17), precision (within- and between-run acc. to NCCLS EP5),

precision profile, accuracy profile and evaluation of linearity on the basis of polynomial regression

acc. to the CLSI EP6-A Guideline (2003).

Method comparison:

The program performs the following types of regression analysis:

     Ordinary least-squares regression analysis

     Weighted least-squares regression analysis

     Deming regression analysis

     Weighted Deming regression analysis

     Passing-Bablok regression


     Difference plots

Polynomial regression analysis is also provided.

A Control chart is also included.

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The program accepts single (x, y) or duplicate sets of measurements (x1, x2, y1, y2) which are entered or pasted into the spreadsheet or imported as a file (text or Excel file types).

Weighted Deming regression analysis is appropriate for comparison of two methods with proportional analytical errors, i.e. the probably most frequently occurring situation in clinical chemistry.

Intercept and slope are estimated with standard errors, and the 95%-confidence region is displayed. An example of the Results Page produced by the program is shown below. The case corresponds to weighted Deming regression analysis of the demo data example enclosed in the program.

                     W. Deming Regression Results                                                    XY Plot



  The statistical procedures are described in:

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