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Having entered data in the worksheet, the type of statistical analysis is selected in the

Statistics menu:

Concerning Method Evaluation, the following options are available:

Detection limit and limit of quantitation (incl. CLSI EP17)

Precision (within- and between-run (as described in CLSI EP5)

Precision profile

Trueness profile

Linearity (Complete procedure acc. to the CLSI EP6-A Guideline (2003) based on comparison with polynomial regression) and Lack-of-fit F-test procedure (old EP6 procedure).

Concerning Method Comparison, the following options are available:

   Difference plot (Bias plot - Altman-Bland)

   Ordinary Least Squares Regression   Analysis (OLR)

   Weighted Least Squares Regression Analysis (WLR)

   Deming Regression Analysis

   Weighted Deming Regression Analysis

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