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Messages to users of CBstat

Currently distributed version: CBstat5  V. 5.1.2

Program information is accessed in the CBstat5 subfolder after installation: ReadMe, Userīs Guide, and Reference manual (DOCCBstat pdf file).

Runs under W9x, Me, NT, W2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8*.

* Installs in the Windows(C:)  Programs(x86) folder from which it is activated (double click CBstat5)

The demo version has maximum sample size up to 25. 

Notice that numbers in the worksheet columns should start in row 1 and constitute an un-interrupted series of rows. Data can be pasted into the worksheet from other spreadsheets or be imported from files. A quick try of the program is possible using the various demo data sets available in the File menu.

CBstat5 requires a period as a decimal separator. If the comma is selected as a decimal separator in the Number Option of the Windows operating system, the program will not work!

Messages concerning performance:

The Passing-Bablok regression routine is slow for large data sets, e.g. the computation time for sample sizes of about 200 is several minutes.

Last updated May 12, 2015